Visit our store! OBT HOME DECOR 2685 Lewisville-Clemmons Road Clemmons, NC 27012 * Tuesday-Saturday 10am to 5pm
Visit our store! OBT HOME DECOR 2685 Lewisville-Clemmons Road Clemmons, NC 27012 * Tuesday-Saturday 10am to 5pm
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GIVE | create social change

Our Banqueting Table is a shop with a purpose. We are a retail store that sells home goods and accessories sourced from wholesale partners, locally made products, and fair-trade partnerships. However, we are committed to doing more than selling goods. We are a business that also believes in helping people by creating community and social change.

"If you can't feed one hundred people, then feed just one." -Mother Teresa       


We have provided FOOD to people in Northwest North Carolina through SECOND HARVEST FOOD BANK. In our community alone, 1 in 7 adults are food insecure and 1 in 5 children do not have enough food to thrive. Many people are faced with tough decisions, food or rent? Second Harvest Food Bank is doing great work by not only feeding the hungry but also tackling the root of the problem through programs such as Providence Restaurant. Everyone deserves to eat and we are helping put food on the tables of those in need. 

We have supported MERCY HOUSE GLOBAL in their efforts of rescuing women out of human trafficking (and other desperate situations) and creating NEW JOBS for them through vocational training and fair trade. Women will do anything to feed their children. When you rescue a woman from trafficking, you also take away her job. Mercy House Global is leading the way in rescuing woman in Kenya and providing a safe place, vocational training, and hope.

We have supported women in Kenya, Ethiopia, Haiti and the Philippines through FAIR TRADE. Fair Trade provides dignified jobs to women around the world, helping them provide for their families and break the cycle of poverty. It is our vision to grow our fair trade collection and help more women feed their families.






ONE. Financial Support. We are committed to giving back not only with our time, but also our financial resources. We give a portion of proceeds directly to our non-profit partners. We are a small family business, but it is our goal to grow our giving as we grow.

TWO. Fair Trade. We also believe in fair trade. We have a selection of fair trade items that provide dignified jobs to families around the globe. Jobs change lives by enabling men and women to provide for their families. When you buy fair trade you are empowering a generation and helping stop the cycle of poverty.